To Be Funny… or Not?

If you watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday, I’m sure you saw plenty of commercials to go along with it. There were a few inspiring ones that tugged at the heartstrings, but for the most part, they tried to get you to laugh. But is that the best way to gain new customers? As with most things, there are many deciding factors that go into it.

First, look at the core of humor. Research has shown that people pay more attention to pieces that elicit an emotion, whether it be something sweet and heartfelt or something that makes you laugh. Even deeper, people make positive associations with commercials that make them laugh, and tend to go back to them as a source of comfort. Creating a funny ad is one of the greatest ways to get people to remember who you are and what you stand for.

According to USA TODAY’s user generated poll, Hyundai’s comical “First Date” was the fan favorite at this year’s Super Bowl. This ad humorously shows a father spying on his daughter’s first date with a young man, playing out a relatable scenario for dads everywhere. After watching the ad, people are left with a positive impression of the brand, and will go back to watch Kevin Hart’s antics again and again.

But it’s not always a surefire hit. Making a bad attempt at humor can have the exact opposite effect on your audience. Make sure your jokes are culturally relevant, will make sense to the audience you present them to, and most importantly, aren’t offensive. Also, don’t focus your message so much on making people laugh that you forget about your brand. People will love the commercial or ad, but completely forget who it was about.

Using humor in advertising can be risky, but if you do your research and keep these guidelines in mind, you may just get a chuckle.

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