People walk and talk together at a trade show.

Trade Show Tips: How to make the most of your attendance at JCK and other industry shows

We’re so excited that in-person trade shows are back on the calendar again. But if you don’t plan accordingly, they can leave you lost and frustrated. We’ve put together a strategy you can implement before, during, and after any show.

Pre-Show Planning: Set Goals

Have goals of what you want to accomplish, such as which vendors to visit, what items you need to purchase, what seminars to attend and which new product lines you’d like to see. Know your inventory needs before the show. You’ll be able to map out and set appointments with specific vendors in advance. And you’ll be able to purchase more efficiently, which will save you money by grouping your orders to take advantage of discounts, as well as keep you within budget.

Remember to utilize the show’s website and social media for information beforehand and write down anything you think is necessary–wifi and cell service can be tricky when everyone is trying to access it in one space. And don’t forget to pack a carryall bag to use at the show–you’ll accumulate brochures, handouts, etc., and it will be easier to carry in a bag you’re comfortable with. 

At the Show: Maximize Your Time

Acquaint yourself with some reference points on the trade floor. Having your bearings before can help if you’re feeling lost, or need to be somewhere quickly. Stick to your schedule and appointment times as much as possible. Meetings will run over, and you don’t want to have to dash all over the place. Give yourself time to browse, allow yourself moments to meet random people and expand your network. Bring plenty of business cards. 

Don’t forget to keep track of your budget. Hang on to receipts for business expenses and tax-deductible purposes. 

Post-Show: Follow-Up and Assessment 

Once you get back home, take a look at your notes and the contacts you made. Give yourself–and everyone else–a few days to get settled after the show. Then create a follow-up list and start making calls and sending emails. Are there orders to check on? Is there marketing you’re interested in for your store? 

While following up, consider if your goals were met and if the cost of attending will have a positive long-term effect on your business. This can help you determine if you should go next year, attend a different show, or even attend another show sooner. 

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