Unlocking the power of retargeting in marketing

Retargeting is one of digital marketing’s most popular tools and can be used to achieve a variety of marketing goals such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads, driving sales and encouraging repeat business. Retargeting allows brands to reach an audience that has already shown interest in their products. Rather than chasing after a new audience, retargeting focuses on re-engaging an audience that already knows your brand.

To demonstrate how this works, consider a woman shopping online for jewelry. She browses Store D’s website and looks at a variety of pendants but doesn’t purchase anything.  However, thanks to the clever use of tracking and retargeting pixels on Store D’s website, she gets earmarked as part of their audience of jewelry shoppers and her movements across the web will be tracked and she will be targeted with relevant online advertisements.

Now fast forward to a different day – perhaps when she’s catching up on the latest news headlines online.  On the side of the page she spots a series of eye-catching ads promoting Store D’s pendants, earrings, bracelets and other related products.  These ads are designed to pique her interest and encourage a return visit to Store D’s website. This is where the magic of retargeting happens!  These strategic subtle reminders keep your brand in the minds of potential customers and nudge them towards purchase.

In a world where nearly 70% of Americans shop online every month, retargeting is an effective tool that gives your brand the chance to reach a broad and receptive audience.  However, like any powerful tool, it comes with some challenges. Retargeting often relies on banner ads. To be effective, make sure your ads are creative and eye catching.  In addition, it’s not an overnight solution; you’ll need to commit to at least three months of ad impressions to see tangible results with a targeted audience.  The good news, however,  is that retargeting is a cost-effective way to reach that audience because you’re only targeting people who have already visited your website; you’re not wasting money on ads that are unlikely to be seen by potential customers.

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