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Using Models to Photograph Jewelry | Harmon Group

When you’re in the jewelry business, having professional photography of your jewelry is essential for success. Nothing can beat high-quality photographs that show off your pieces in the best possible light. But what if you took it to the next level and had your jewelry photographed on models? Doing so would bring a whole new dimension to your product photos and give customers a better idea of how the piece looks on someone. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of modeled jewelry photos and how to make it happen.

Why Use Models for Jewelry Photography?

There are many benefits to displaying jewelry on models. For one, buyers (especially online shoppers) can picture the size and how the jewelry will look on them better when they can see it modeled on a real person. This added effect boosts engagement with potential customers by giving them an idea of what they could look like wearing the piece – making them more likely to make an impulse purchase. Moreover, this technique helps create excitement around the release of new pieces or collections and adds visual interest to all kinds of campaigns such as fashion magazines, eCommerce stores and social media channels.

Tips for Setting Up Modeled Photo Shoots

Whether you’re shooting in studio or outdoors, here are some tips from professional photographers that will help you get outstanding results:

Keep the focus on the jewelry: When taking photos with models, try to keep attention away from their face by using poses that put emphasis on the jewelry being worn instead. Not only will this draw attention where it should be – but also prevent any issues related to copyright laws if you choose to use other people’s images without their permission.

Create even lighting in studio model shoots: To create an even light field inside a studio setting, consider creating a giant light box or building one yourself out of foam core boards and material fabric or paper rolls that diffuse light evenly over your subject matter (ie;jewelry). Additionally, use multiple lights around the perimeter of each piece so that shadows do not appear and detract from its beauty during photography sessions!

Give the model some direction: If you plan to have someone else do the modeling for you (as opposed to doing it yourself), you’ll need to direct them throughout each pose so that their body language fits with what’s intended by each piece – conveying emotion rather than stiffness which can often be seen in low-quality photo shoots with no direction coming from behind camera lenses!

Create a mood that suits each collection: The overall mood should match whatever clothing/jewelry collection is being showcased during photos sessions by bringing atmosphere through props such as plants or flowers, furniture pieces that match color schemes etcetera…This helps add visual interest while expressing certain themes behind brand stories which may otherwise not communicate well through static imagery alone!

By following these tips and techniques when photographing your pieces on models, you will add value to your products while helping shoppers see how amazing they look just like those who wear them – giving everyone involved an excellent experience worth remembering! With Harmon Group’s professional jewelry photography services you won’t have to worry about lighting set up or directing models – allowing more time for creative opportunities that bring out truly stunning results every time! So contact us today and let us take care of all your photography needs so there’s nothing left but beautiful pictures showcasing your amazing work at its very best!