Victor Corporation Social When You Sell Program

Making Spirits Bright: The Power of Social Media Drives Holiday Sales for a Jewelry Manufacture and Its Retailers

The Victor Corporation is a manufacturer of fine jewelry, specializing in unique and attractive bridal and fashion styles that appeal to an exceptionally wide range of jewelry buyers. As a trusted supplier to independent jewelers, Victor provides comprehensive marketing programs, and in 2019, was seeking a digital advertising program for the holiday season. Harmon had started to develop an exclusive social media strategy, and after an initial conversation, Victor jumped on board.
The Program
Victor Social When You Sell was a three-week social media program intended to get jewelry shoppers in a retailer’s market excited about the Victor Corporation brand, and drive them into their store to buy during the 2019 holiday season. Retailers were required to do very little; once they bought into the program, we handled the majority. The program included unique assets that retailers could not get from Victor otherwise.
We created a flyer explaining the benefits of signing up, which Victor associates used to sell the program to retailers as an “add on” to their order, and as an incentive to open a Victor account. By the deadline, they had signed up eighty retailers to participate.
Decking the Walls (of Facebook)
Victor sent their best-selling products for Harmon to photograph and film. We created nine engaging environmental product images and short videos that we knew would perform well on social media. Each asset was paired with targeted copy that would appeal to shoppers.
We worked with each retailer to execute the program. Using paid advertising and geo-targeting, we posted and boosted the assets through each retailer’s Facebook and Instagram channel three times a week for three weeks leading up to the 2019 holiday season. We targeted each post toward specific jewelry shoppers interested in fine jewelry and living in the retailer’s market, and included other demographic factors depending on the piece being featured.
The Nice List
From the unique assets, to the engaging copy, to the carefully selected target audience; each element made it possible to drive traffic into all eighty stores and encourage shoppers to buy Victor jewelry for the holidays. It was so successful, the Victor Corporation will be running the program again for the 2020 holiday season.
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