Vincent Peach

Wrangling New Accounts: A Catalog Campaign Brings in Major Trade Show Business

Bred for Beauty

Vincent Peach is a fine jewelry designer and artisan, who uses the casual elegance of leather and the extraordinary beauty of diamonds and pearls to handcraft his one-of-a-kind collections. His Equestrian Collection–inspired by riders’ lifestyles–melds functionality with a sense of indulgence, resulting in a combination of the equestrian lifestyle and sophisticated luxury.

During the 2019 holiday season, Vincent realized he needed a show stopping piece to market this stunning collection for an upcoming industry trade show. He turned to us for help, and we were off to the races!

A Galloping Pace

We determined that a luxury catalog, showing a mix of product images and model pictures, would be the most effective. These catalogs could be mailed to retailers attending the show, along with a letter inviting them to visit the Vincent Peach booth. And because we wouldn’t put prices in the catalog, they could also be given to potential customers.

In just a few short weeks, we designed and produced a forty-five page catalog. From conducting a model and product shoot, to helping Vincent determine which products to feature and how they should be laid out on the pages, to retouching images, writing product copy, proofing the catalogs, and sending them off to the printer, we finished the project by deadline.

Best in Show

After mailing the catalogs off to retailers on his list, Vincent Peach was booked with appointments. He said his booth was the busiest, and because of the catalog, he opened 28 new accounts–the most business he’s ever gotten at any show ever.