Youz Guyz Need Ta Have Good Grammar

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Bad grammar can be as irritating to the ear as nails on a chalkboard. In an instant, you can destroy your credibility and reputation with a simple comma. A properly constructed sentence is usually overlooked and the listener can focus on the topic of conversation. However, sentences with poor grammar are easily noticed and make an impression.

Let’s take a look at what poor grammar says about you:

You Have Poor Attention To Detail: Creative writing is an art, but it is a skill that must be developed. By utilizing proper grammar, you illustrate you can be trusted with details in any type of project.

You Are Uneducated: Poor grammar and street slang often denotes a lack of education. Taking the time to present yourself in the best manner possible should be a top priority in today’s business world.

You Are A Poor Communicator: Words are the building blocks of our communication, whether by verse, voice, or text message. If you cannot communicate your thoughts in a coherent, and intelligent manner, your communication credibility is already in question.

You Are Unprofessional: You can have everything going for you, but if you use improper grammar, that expensive silk suit is not going to get you very far. Professional appearances are fabulous, but your words must match that professional demeanor.

Some people simply struggle with grammar. They have taken the classes, proofread, spellchecked, and practiced, but nothing seems to work. Are you a meticulous accountant? Do you know all of the building codes to construct your own house? Do you know all of the side effects of all of the possible medicines out there? No! That’s why you may need to seek professional help. The Harmon Group copywriters live, breathe, and sleep proper grammar and wordsmithing, giving our clients top-notch results. Talk to our team if your copywriting needs a professional touch!


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